Professional Development Resources

Today’s education system is evolving. We are going from the “Sage on the Stage” to the “Guide on the Side” (Professor Alison King) . There are transformations that are receiving resistance and ones that are being embraced. Change is difficult.

As educator’s, we must work with the system. We must adjust to the expectations of our administration and school divisions. We must, also, learn and grow with the changes that are happening. Our professional development is a requirement to provide for the needs and growth of our students. Professional development is no longer as difficult to attain. We have the ability to find resources throughout the world wide web. There are educational moocs and sites that offer us constant opportunities of growth.

One such example is the Educator’s PLN. The Educator’s PLN offers teachers the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and view videos. A couple great videos regarding the transformation our education system is going through are available on this site.

Another example is Simple K12. There are webinars offered that assist teachers in developing their use of technology within the classroom.

ETMOOC currently offers a MOOC for educators to learn more about utilizing technology in the their professional lives.

The Government of Manitoba is even taking a step in the collaboration of teachers. A site called Maple will allow teachers to share their work, collaborate and enrich their own profession and the education of their students.


Multimedia and Digital Applications

Preparing to educate students in Multimedia and Digital Applications creates the opportunity to broaden my own horizons with regards to several specialized applications. This new course will update my limited knowledge of webdesign and give me a new knowledge of video editing software. This is not only an opportunity to learn but a course to have some fun and be creative.

In Multimedia, we will be designing webpages using Dreamweaver, Weebly, Google Sites, and Wikispaces.

dreamweaverweeblygoogle siteswiki

To create and edit video projects we will be exploring Animoto, Bambuser, WeVideo, iMovie, and Windows Movie Maker.

animoto bambuser Capture imovie movie

We will be focusing on the use of cloud computing both in webpage design and creating and designing video projects. Once again we will be working with the Flat Classroom Project. There is a great deal of information to cover and I am ready with enthusiasm to surmount all of these technologies!