Steps to Having a Waiting List for Parent/Teacher Interviews

I attended six parent/teacher interviews yesterday via Skype and it led me to thinking. It was so easy. The teachers were very receptive to the idea. Why aren’t more parents doing this?

I spoke with my husband at the end of his day and he had one parent come to see him for a parent/teacher interview. How do we increase the numbers?

1. Make parents aware they are happening. I do realize that there are autodialers in schools that phone out that parent/teacher interviews are happening. I received one of those calls. I think it came when I was heading out the door or in the middle of supper. I completely forgot to write it down and the call is somewhat of a blur.

Remind101, for example, gives the ability to text or e-mail safely the parent. Texts and e-mails serve as a reminder to make the appointment.

2. Connect with technology! Some parents may not be able to take time off their busy schedules for parent/teacher interviews. There is driving time, and waiting time to be factored into this.

Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts are a few examples of how to accommodate parents. It would all depend what access teachers have to this technology within the school. There are, also, blended family issues that prevent or deter parents from attending these interviews. This is where parents connecting using technology increases parent involvement.

Not only can one parent attend but both parents can attend from different locations via a Google Hangout.

Being away during the week is posing challenges to staying connected with my children’s lives. It was exciting yesterday to have these phenomenal teachers open their classrooms to technology so I could be part of these interviews. I hope opportunities will be increased for parents to be connected to their children’s learning through the use of technology. There is the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Today, it takes a glocal community to raise a child.


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