The Future of Education

Where is our education system going? There have been so many changes in the direction schools are going over the past 20 years and they are moving into a realm that impresses me. As a parent, I have had a wide array of experiences with the education system. My experiences have all depended on the personalities, learning styles and intelligences of each different child. The focus on finding the right educational structure needs to be about all children. It needs to focus on the “leave no child behind” mentality. This new direction is more child-oriented, and geared towards the learner. As a future educator, the future looks exciting!

Sir Ken Robinson addresses some of the problems with our education system in his Changing Education Paradigms. I can say that some of the children who I know have benefited from the older models of education while some have not thrived in this environment.

The idea that our youth can receive instruction based on their academic level, not based on their age-to-grade placement intrigues me. Students can be challenged to a higher level of education or they can receive differentiated instruction that helps them address areas that need special attention.

Heidi Hayes Jacobs discusses the future structure for classrooms and schools. She not only addresses the types of school structure but also the future of technology within schools. Heidi addresses the roles of teachers and the need for them to be proficient in technology. There is the need for schools to find ways to embrace this technology while protecting themselves from any legal repercussions. It is finding the balance. Effective education includes teaching our youth how to be good digital citizens, so they can benefit from the global atmosphere they are in every day.

As we proceed into this new educational structure, the focus on classroom management is important to implement these changes in an organized and productive way. It is determining how we will meet the needs of the 21st Century student and how we as educators will progress through that transformation.


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