Online Education

How will online education shape the future of our youth?

Online education is no longer only a vision of the future but a reality of today. The generations to follow may spend more time being educated online than in a classroom. Currently, online education is something that many students see as a last resort. As future students come through the education with more technology, online courses may be more desirable.

What are the pros and cons of online education?


Some students cannot fit courses they would like to take into their schedules due to school timetables. Online education gives these students the ability to incorporate those courses into their schedules. One girl, for example, was unable to incorporate Grade 12 Pre-Calculus into her schedule. She wanted to take it and decided to teach herself. With more online education, doors will be opened for students to study the courses that are of interest without having barriers to their education.

Students who struggle adhering to morning schedules and operate on a different time schedule may be able to take courses that are more conducive to their internal time clock. Some students may struggle with the current schedule of school or may need to work at their own pace. Online education may focus more on learner-centered approaches which will benefit a student

Students who are homeschooled can have the option of taking online courses to supplement their education.


Online education needs to recognize the different multiple intelligences of students when lessons are being prepared and implemented. For lessons to be delivered effectively, educators need to reach a multitude of student’s needs. Therefore, educators need to be trained on efficient delivery of online lessons.

Another negative with online education is who pays for these courses? If one school division has a teacher who is responsible for delivering a course, and other school divisions sign up students for that course, which school division gets the funding for the student taking that course? How does the funding get back to the school division funding the teacher? Compensation needs to be considered to keep it rewarding for the division employing those educators.

The opportunities are increasing for the best and most accommodating education for our students. Online education is at the forefront of this change.


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