Four Weeks of Tweets

Four weeks ago, I began my journey as a pre-service teacher. Prior to my re-entry into the education system, I had thought of Twitter as a tool for people to inform the public about trivial things, such as what they ate for breakfast. My opinion has changed. As Betty Rae stated, there are justifications for not using Twitter but the resources you attain from this tool far outweigh any negative publicity. By learning how to follow people, using hashtags and attempting to make myself followable I have opened the door to technology and it is flooding in. The resources from Twitter, the Web 2.0 tools it has presented, and the articles it has led me to read are contributing to my technological learning increasing exponentially.

Twitter is a great starting point to growing my Personal Learning Network (PLN), but it is not the only resource. I understand that creating a learning loop will help me grow in my technological understanding. A PLN should encompass social media, real life networks, and outputs that are provided through others. Pull learning is enabling the information I want to come to me instead of having to constantly search for it. There is so much information that having a PLN lessens the effort and time to find what I am looking for.

To increase your PLN and exposure, Wesley Fryer suggests, sharing your work. I now have a Blog and Wiki. I have had exposure to some fantastic global projects for youth to partake in and will have the opportunity to be a part of them Getting up to speed on all of these technological advances has proved challenging and rewarding.

This past month has caused me to reminisce the days when I was the only girl in my small computer science classes and how far society and technology have come. I am on the hamster wheel, setting my own pace and just getting warmed up!


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