Mobile Devices in Education

As mentioned in the NMC Horizon Report 2012 on emerging technologies, mobile devices are the current trend of technology in education.  Mobile devices are excellent for education because the apps are affordable compared to expensive software programs.  These devices can be implemented in so many ways throughout the curriculum.  There are new apps being released everyday that assist in the education of our students in the ICT curriculum and in other curriculum areas.  Mobile devices are portable and easy to transfer from class to class for students of all ages, or to store within a classroom for teachers.  With programs like Nearpod, a teacher can have mobile classroom management and continuously cater to students’ learning.  Faculty Focus points out that  a 21st Century student  may access their “classroom” at any given point and time with mobile technology.  Mobile devices make it more convenient  to enable pull learning and managing one’s PLN.  As more affordable brands and models of mobile devices enter the market, the use of mobile devices through a BYOD pedagogy becomes more feasible.

The question is not where can mobiles be implemented but how to get them into the hands of the students and keep those devices current.  The cost is prohibitive for many families and technology continues to change making older technology obsolete.  Teachers need to know how to effectively manage and integrate these devices into the classroom.  Control needs to be exercised to ensure every moment is a teachable moment and mobile devices are not becoming a source of distraction in education.

The most important thing is for educators to be trained in the implementation and usage of mobile devices and technology, in general, within the education system.  Educators need to teach students to exercise caution and direction with their internet use to avoid negative and dangerous sites. It is imperative to teach our youth to be responsible digital citizens.  Without  technological professional development of our teachers, these devices will not attain their true potential in the classroom.

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